The list of top paid actors for 2017 is published!

“The 50-year-old star, Vin Diesel, was crowned by Forbes’ most paid actress in 2017 after his films collected $ 1.6 billion in global ticket sales.

Vin Diesel appeared in three major projects – “Fate and the Furious” ($ 1.2 billion), “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 “($ 863.7 million), and” xXx: Return of Xander Cage “($ 346.1 million), DailyMail writes. California-born goddess beat his roommate and former rival – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who ranked second with $ 1.5 billion in profits but still technically wins more than he does, reports Telegraph. Incidentally, the last social media of action heroes on Christmas Eve with his followers of 317.3 million had realized when he ‘had nothing’.

“As you know, Christmas is my favorite celebration,” said Vin (born Mark Sinclair) in a video shot at Instagram.

“It’s something for the soul, whether you have money or you have no money, I mean, I remember them often at Christmas when we did not have anything and they were some of the most magical times. 2017 was a magical year. “Diesel spent the holiday with his three children – daughter Chania, nine years old; son of Vincent, seven years old; and daughter Pauline, two years old with her 34-year-old partner, Paloma JimĂ©nez.

Gal Gadot accumulated $ 1.4 billion for her record-breaking role at Wonder Woman.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson ranked fourth with $ 1.3 billion, while Johnny Depp and Daisy Ridley ranked fifth and six with $ 1.1 billion and $ 1.08 billion, respectively.

Tom Holand, known for his role as “Spider-Man”, earned $ 888 million.

Chris Hemsworth, known from Thor’s film, has accumulated $ 845 million in profits, and John Boyega completes the list with $ 815 million in profits.

This is the list of top paid actors for 2017:

1. Vin Diesel ($ 1.6 billion)

2. Dwayne Johnson ($ 1.5 billion)

3. Gal Gadot ($ 1.4 billion)

4. Emma Watson ($ 1.3 billion)

5. Johnny Depp ($ 1.1 billion)

6. Daisy Ridley ($ 1.08 billion)

Tom Holland ($ 888 million)

8. Chris Pratt ($ 864 million)

9. Chris Hemsworth ($ 845 million)

10. John Boyega ($ 815 million).

The figures are calculated along with the global sales of major movie tickets from January to December 26, 2017.

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