Disney believes the Chinese actress’s main role in the movie “Mulan”

Disney has entrusted the Chinese actress Liu Yifen with Mulan’s role in the movie that the company will release in 2019. The animated 1998 film adaptation will show the story of Chinese famous heroin Hua Mulan, who is masked as a man for fight in the army and save her older father from recruiting.

The news of Liu Yifen’s selection of the film’s main role is enthusiastically received throughout social networks, at a time when Hollywood is charged with the so-called whitewashing phenomenon, selecting white actors in Asian roles. The latest films accused of this phenomenon include the Hollywood rehearsal of Ghost in the Shell animation, where Scarlett Johansson interpreted the main role, or the Chinese epic movie “The Great Wall”, where the cast was led by American actor Matt Damon.

Thousands of people participated in an online campaign that Mulan’s role was given to a Chinese actress and the fact that this requirement was met is a major step in promoting more cultures in Hollywood movies.

Liu Yifen, known in China as “Zana” because of her subtle look and role in fantasy movies, is an incredibly famous actress, model and singer in China. The 30-year-old is said to have a perfect English language after growing up in New York. Liu was selected by about 1,000 candidates to interpret Mulan’s role.

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