Bruce Willis in the upcoming “Die Hard”

The wicked will try to kill another once John McClane.

Bruce Willis will again play the role he has made famous in the sixth movie of Die Hard.

According to “Deadline,” director Len Wiseman has longed for the 62-year-old actress for “Die Hard: Year One” and has managed to convince him to accept the role.

The film will tell the story of the character John McClane when he was young (not yet an actor who is going to play this role) and what John is doing nowadays (Bruce Willis).

The first film “Die Hard” dates back to 1988. Since then, Willis has played John McClane’s role in four other times: “Die Harder” (1990), “Die Hard With A Vengeance” (1995) “Live Free Or Die Hard” (2007) and “A Good Day To Die Hard” (2013).

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