20 years from the movie ‘Titanic’, what are the facts you probably did not know …

Although 20 years have passed since the release of “Titanic”, the story of the impossible love of the two youngsters continues to curb the eyes of the public even when watching the movie today.

But what made this movie so special and successful and how difficult was its realization? The cast of actors has revealed some interesting details and experiences that have passed in his filming set 20 years ago.

Regarding the selection of actors, it was originally thought that Robert De Niro would take the role of the ship’s captain, but at that time the big actor suffered from gastritis and was unable to attend.

Also, Lindsey Lohan, who was only 9 years old, won the audition for Cora Cartmell, Jack’s little friend, but later disqualified after her red hair was very similar to Rose’s.

This production would not have been very successful unless it was for director James Cameron, who is known for his wild character, who feared everyone.

Kate Winslet himself said that when he came to the test he was always scared of him and it was very difficult to remember her rows.

The final scene where everyone is drowning and frozen cold is shot in a large pool as a soccer stadium in Canada.

James Cameron said that the temperature of this artificial pool was about 20 degrees Celsius while the frost and the cold spirit that the actors cast out was created with special effects in the studio.

Leonardo Di Caprio was desperate during the shooting after his expensive lizard died after being crushed by a truck carrying the parts of the ship.

Another detail he has made to laugh at all is the fact that 80 members of this caste have been addicted to an unknown individual, Syri.net writes

During the lunch break somebody was throwing some kind of drug into their soup that created illusions. For a whole day no one was realizing what had happened. Someone laughed, someone else wept while some ran like crazy screaming that they had seen ghosts.

Celine Dion is a hit fan of “My Heart Will Go On? Apparently, members of this caste are convinced that the singer has been forced by her manager for monetary reasons to sing this ballad that sold 15 million copies worldwide.

And if Jack had survived, would Titanic be transformed into the second most lucrative movie we all get to touch even though we’ve seen it over 10 times? The answer is no, Jack, Rose and the ship are synonymous, linked to each other spiritually, but physically separated by disappearing at the bottom of the ocean.

There was no way to end it differently since such movies to be called successful should leave that feeling of stomach butterflies and many points in mind.

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