“Sex and the City” reveals the reason for the non-production of the 3rd series

One of the most watched and winner of a series of Emmy Awards, “Sex and the City” stops.

Bad news comes to all of you who were expecting a 3rd series of sex and the City, stopping 4 famous friends. Although it was rumored and speculated much about this event, apparently the black sheep in the middle was Catrall, she did not admit that there is a 3rd series for reasons that have not yet been made public but in a post at twitter she says was not just because of her.

‘We had a wonderful and very fun scenario and I’m sorry we will not be able to turn it into a movie. The likelihood of a recent reunion between 4 protagonists Parker, Sintia Nikson, Kim Catrall and Kristin Davis has been debating for years, despite the criticism that faced ‘Sex and the City 2’ , mainly shot at Abu Dhabi.

“The only requirement I’ve ever made is that I did not want a third movie, but it was in 2016.” HBO’s comic strip, Sex and and City, has won a number of awards Emmy and is valued for promoting a powerful era for young women and for open sex scenes.

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